Basic legal requirements and steps for starting your business

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Starting your own business can seem overwhelming, confusing and frustrating, but with good planning and sufficient knowledge, you can do it more than successfully. It is essential that you explore all the obligations and rights you have as a business owner and self-employed worker before you decide to start up a business.


Before you begin, you will need to determine the structure you want your company to have, and you can decide between sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, society or co-operative. Depending on the structure, the legal requirements will differ.

business_growthAfter deciding on the structure of your business, the next step is to choose the name and register the business. It basically takes two steps: submission of the business name request is the first, and registration of your business is the second one. Once your name suggestion has been approved by the official authorities, you will be granted 56 calendar days to register it and complete the process. You can find best real estate lawyer atlanta here.

There are different options for registering your business, depending on its structure: by mail, in person or online, and with different authorities. After deciding on your business’ structure, you should look for the options of registering that particular kind of business and all the requirements you will need to meet.

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The following step will be obtaining business license, without which you will not be able to operate the business legally. Depending on the type of business, its size and location, you may again have different options. You should contact your local city hall, municipal business license office, and in some instances even federal, provincial or municipal government. If you want to learn more visit Daytona Beach business attorney.

After obtaining all the necessary licenses, you may also apply for some special benefits as self-employed, which can vary from country to country and within the businesses of different size. You should explore all the options offered to you, but regardless of the country of your business, there should be: maternity benefits, parental benefits, sickness benefits and compassionate care benefits.

In the end, it is important that you constantly learn about ruler, regulations and changes in legislation, in order to operate your business lawfully and without trouble.

How to protect your photos from being stolen

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CRO_electronics_lost_Stolen_phone_04-14With huge number of social networks and photo-sharing websites, millions of photos are posted online every single day. Most of the people are not concerned about their photos being stolen and used in any way, but after Richard Prince made $90,000 from other people’s Instagram photos (without a dime being paid to the original authors), many have started wondering how to protect their images from copyright infringement. ¬†The best advice you will receive from orange county will and trust attorney

copyright (1)The first thing to know is that every photo you make is automatically protected by copyright, without any special process behind it. The moment you take the photo, it is your legal property and nobody should be able to use it for any purpose without your permission. However, with sharing photos online it is not easy to monitor whether they will be copied, reproduced, altered or used further by somebody other than you. If you want to learn more visit trademark lawyer.

visu-photoshopNevertheless, there still are several ways to protect your images from being illegally used. First, stay away from photo sharing websites that have no clear copyright policy. If you do use websites like this, make sure to read their Terms and Conditions carefully before deciding whether to post the photo. Then, you can also use watermark for protecting your photos. It can easily be added in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, and make sure to put it in the middle of the photo rather than in the corner, since it could be removed by simply cropping the photo. Another method is to limit the audience for your photos, and they vary from website to website. For example, on social networks you can choose whether you want your photos to be seen publicly, or restricted only to specific audience. On photo sharing websites such as Flickr or Behance, the photos are also protected from downloading, no matter the audience that can see them.